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Skin disorders of the dog and cat are, unfortunately, quite common in our area.  After all, it is the largest and most visible organ of their bodies.  Our pets develop allergies and skin sensitivities.  They are born with or attract a variety of parasites at different life stages.  Or, sometimes, they simply roll around in things they shouldn’t.  Older pets develop lumps, bumps, cysts, and tumors of all sorts.  


The veterinarians at Stage Road Animal Hospital have a variety of ways to determine what may be causing your pet’s skin problem.  From simple yet experienced observation of clinical signs to performing skin cytologies, fine-needle aspirates of tumors, dermatologic blood tests, and microscopic evaluation of skin samples, scrapes, and biopsies, we can usually determine the underlying disorder and apply effective treatment.  Even when there is not really a permanent cure (e.g. chronic allergies, atopy, etc.) we can still usually offer worthwhile treatments to control the disorder to make your pet more comfortable.