Stage Road


Phone 919-639-3337

Fax 919-639-4663

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M-F 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Hospital Hours

7580 Old Stage Road North, Angier, NC  27501

Sunday - closed

Saturday 8:00 am - Noon

Drs. available M-Sat 9:00 am -  close

Stage Road Animal Hospital was founded in November, 1999.  Our goal has always been to offer area residents the very best veterinary care for their pets that was also personable, practical and affordable.  Our thought has always been "What would I do if this patient was MY pet?" or "What would I advise  a member of MY family in this case?"  Our dedication to excellence and personable, individualized care caused the business to flourish.  Today, we have a caring and hard working team of 15 full-time assitants, 6part-time assistants and 5 full-time veterinarians to assist you with your pet's health care needs.   It should be noted that our five veterinarians will be bringing you and your pet over 80 years of combined clinical experience!  

About Us

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Maria B. Mendoza
Dr. Paul G. Malocha
Dr. Stephanie Cawthorn
Dr. Jessica Jalbert
Dr. Allison Hackett-Dorn

Our Kennel Patient Care Team

Our Client-Care and Reception Team

Our Exam Room and Surgery Team 

Ellen Pope, Lisa Tobin, Charlene May, Natalie Temple, Lupe Mendoza, Micaela Reyes, Sheriann Johnson, Sauliss Martinez 

Travis Poe, Brandy Jernigan, Briana Long, Breanna Barbour, Cary Sellew, Jennifer Silmon, Chelsea Roberts, David Nino, Jason Diaz, Valerie Wood

Angie Ramirez, Mary-Elizabeth Bass